Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Signs of Spring

So far, the signs of Spring are few and far between.

The buds on the Maples, one of the key things I look for to see if Spring is around the corner, are only just barely starting to swell.

The stems of the Red-stemmed Dogwoods are not very red yet, although the stems of the yellow-stemmed one do look brighter than they did.They got buried in a huge drift of snow by Snow Blower Man so it may just be relief at having their heads out again.

And speaking of snow, there's still plenty of it in the woods. In the morning it is frozen hard and Kip can run all over on top of it, but by afternoon it is softening up and he keeps falling through. It's funny to watch him, but the wild turkeys are even funnier - every time they go through the crust they give a little jump to get back on top, then they lift their feet high as though they think that will help. Of course it doesn't and down they go again. There are three males here that seem to be hanging around the bird feeders. If they think that they've discovered something the girl turkeys will admire them for I'm afraid they are going to be disappointed.

But...... the driveway is muddy, some of the rocks are showing through in the Rock Garden, there are hundreds of Red-winged Blackbirds in the Marsh (making a heck of a racket!), and I found some snowdrops!

Shivering Snowdrops, but Snowdrops none the less.

Obviously, we are having a late Spring. And just as obviously, when it does finally come, it will come in a rush. We'll go from snow lurking under the trees to weeds a foot high in about 15 minutes. Tulips, Daffodils, Crocuses and all their cousins will  bloom for 5 of those minutes. I'll be able to park my lawn chair between the Hillside Border and the Rock Garden, and enjoy an entire flowering season during a (short) coffee break.

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