Monarch Memo

  • Recent headline in the Houston Chronicle:    "Monarch Massacre: Nearly a billion butterflies have vanished." A report on a major US government initiative to help restore Monarch habitat.
  • A terrific website about Monarchs, aimed at teachers, but interesting to gardeners and naturalists as well is the Monarch Teacher's Network.
  • Another source of great information about Monarchs is the Nature Canada site. It has many articles about them, including references to news headlines.
  • A review of the (small) recovery in Monarch populations going on today on the WWF site.
  • New Research Links Bee-Killing Insecticide to Monarch Butterfly Deaths

  • Great Facebook page about Monarchs: Watch. Click on 'like, then 'add to interests list', then 'nature'. Almost daily posts and great links to Monarch info.

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