Saturday, March 17, 2012

Trowel Talk

Howdy, folks.

The reason you haven't heard from me lately is that I've been lost. I knew where I was, but She didn't. Not that She would admit it. She just had this vague thing that I'd turn up somewhere, sooner or later.

Well, today She was poking around in the back of the Plant Shed. Don't know why - maybe the yucky weather outside had something to do with it, anyway, you'd think she'd hear my hollering, but no. After awhile, when I was down to just the occasional weak whimper, she decided to get some dried moss for something or other, and voila, there I was.But did I get a hearty welcome? Oh, no, all I got was, 'Oh, there you are.'

Then, would you believe it, she held me up to the light (the Light! I haven't seen light, to speak of, for almost 4 months) and squinted at me.

'This trowel is getting kind of short', she says. 'the whole tip is worn down to half  what it used to be'.

Well, what does she expect? Go jabbing me into rocky soil, using me to dig up rocks (actually, I'm pretty proud of my rock-prying ability....) and I'm not going to wear down? She's not so young and pointy herself, you know. Time (and rocks of course) wears us all down.

 'Guess I'll have to get a new one.' she says.

What!!! Get a NEW ONE???

Wait, maybe she's serious. I could be replaced here.

Oh, no!!! Now what do I do??????

Maybe I'll have to get 'nice'...........