Sunday, December 21, 2014

Christmas Wishes from Pine Ridge

For Christmas, here are some of my Best Wishes for you!

1. I wish you the right amount of snow. Enough to keep your garden plants protected all winter, but not so much that you still can't find your Herb Garden in May.

2. I wish you the co-operation of all your favourite garden tools. Not like my trowel, which, by the way, is currently lost again. I hope you can find them, and that the handles aren't broken. Clean would be nice too.

3. I wish you interesting weeds. Something new to pull will make weeding so much more fun.

4. I hope you will visit at least one new plant nursery this summer and that when you do, your car will have some room in the trunk and your passenger won't have to hold three small shrubs in her lap all the way home.

5. I hope that when your dog rushes joyfully to meet you when you get home, he stays on the path.

6. I hope the local bunnies decide they like your neighbour's plants better than yours. (The neighbour who plants red and white and blue things in rows, alternating.)

7. I hope the sun shines when your friends come to visit.

8. I hope that at least one thing in your garden is more beautiful than the same thing in your friend's garden. You don't need to mention it, secret gloating will do.

9. I hope the squirrels leave you a few tulips.

10. Last but not least, I hope the sun shines, the birds sing, the beans grow, and your heart overflows with  all the joy your garden brings you.

All the Best for 2015 from Pine Ridge!