Friday, February 8, 2013

Another Snowy Day

We're again having another fine snow storm. How snowy is it? Well, look at Kip:

This was going out the get newspaper. Notice that you don't see his feet - he's standing in 5" of new snow. No going into town to look for a graphics card for my other computer for me today.  What a luxury to be self-employed and able to just hole up in my Studio or office and enjoy a snow day! I love working at home and not having to go out on days like these.

All this snow this winter will be very good for the region's aquifers. It's been so dry the last couple of years they were getting rather low. Maybe this spring my marsh will be back up to it's usual level.

Before I went in again I checked on the Plant Shed. Very nice in there, with the snow falling outside but things blooming and growing inside. Another of the Cattleya seedlings I bought a few years ago is showing its first flower, and a fine one it is, too.

The yellow Clivia is just opening a first floret. There are 15 buds on the stem this year. Last year this one had a wonderful fragrance so I'm looking forward to sniffing the air in the Shed tomorrow.

The scented Geraniums are blooming, too. One, which I think is called Mrs. Taylor although I have no idea why, is a wonderful mix of crimson, scarlet and purple. The Geraniums aren't getting enough light of course and are getting a bit sprawly but  I'll trim them back soon. Once it gets warm enough outside (and they can take quite cool temperatures) they'll go into the Herb Garden for the summer. They get quite huge, but cuttings taken late in the fall always grow. Here's Herself:

Well now, I do think it is time for hot chocolate.