Monday, March 7, 2011

Fern Talk

Got some serious snow yesterday. Thick, heavy snow which didn't pack down much. Here's a picture of my Sampler garden in the new snow:

Looks cold, doesn't it? It was!

The area inside the rail fence is what I call my Sampler Garden, and the area to the left and up the slope is part of my Rockery.

Although the snow makes everything seem black and white, I'm always impressed by how some of the colours, particularly those in dried grasses and leaves, become more vivid. Maybe because there are so few colours left, we appreciate them more. This rose is Iceberg, which seems rather fitting:

I spent the entire day inside, didn't even go out to the Studio or the Plant Shed (formerly called the Greenhouse but now too dilapidated for that grand title), and worked on my Ferns slide show. I'm giving my talk on Ferns for the Ottawa Valley on Wednesday to a garden club in Barrhaven. It was very nice to look at slides of beautiful green fronds all day, with scenes of deep new snow outside both office windows!

As part of the Ferns presentation, I made a list of websites of interest to fern enthusiasts, and one of them is Les Fougeres Boreales, a specialist nursery near Montreal. I'd heard of them before, but was told they only sold wholesale.Now I see from the website that they are having an Open House May 28 to June 4 this year. I checked their catalogue and there are plenty of ferns I want.

Now all I have to do is learn to speak French by May 28th......

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