Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Turning Over....

.... a new leaf.

I hereby resolve that, in 2012, I will:

1. Repot that agave. It is so crowded in it's pot that it is starting to climb out! It being winter, the pot is inside right beside Loyal Husband's chair, and he is started to edge away....

2. Get rid of the mealy bugs on the hoyas. More about this later.

3. Make a habit of keeping my garden tools in one place. Better yet, putting them away now and then. Last year I spent 3 weeks wondering where my crowbar was.... then discovered it was standing up in the ground among my bird feeders so I wasn't seeing it because it looked like just another bird feeder pole.

4. Do something about the Clivias. I do not need 27 pots of the same Clivia.

5. Make myself a bird bath. I make them for other people, I should have one too. What self-respecting potter doesn't have a bird bath????

6. Give Lis's Trowel a chance to talk. I kept him pretty well smothered last year, but I guess he's due a turn.

7. Win the war with the garden hoses. I bought cheap hoses, then used those handy repair kits to repair them when they split/developed pinholes/lost their ends/developed unfixable kinks. What I put away this fall was a gawdawful mess of kinks, short bits, hoses with duct tape on them..... (no, that doesn't work). I will buy 200 feet of new hoses in 50' lengths. I will not leave them on the driveway for people to run over them. I will not stab them with the garden fork. I will coil them away when done with them....

8.Buy a new trowel. The old one is getting too cheeky.

9.Plant more than one acorn squash. Turns out, if you only have one, the squashes are nasty tasteless things. Who knew.

10. Build a fence around my tomatoes and cover them with screen or something. I got pretty tired of tomatoes with one bite taken out by the local chipmunk.

11. Re-do the Hillside Garden. That includes removing two Spirea bushes. Owwww, I'm tired already just thinking about it. Hope I can find the crowbar on that day!

12. Go for a daily walkabout. Last year I tried concentrating on one area at a time and as a result I missed whole bloom sequences. Did the dwarf Jacob's Ladder bloom? Did it look good with the Polygala? I don't know, I missed it. Get up half an hour earlier if I have to, but no more missing out on the fun stuff.

OK, that's enough. With my short attention span, I'll be lucky to accomplish half of these!

Wait, Kip insists I add one more:

13. Take him (Loyal Dog) for a walk (almost) every day. He points out that our new trails in the woods need regular use to stay open and we don't want to miss any plant excitement there either. Actually, he said 'wildlife excitement', but he can't read this.

Happy 2012 in the Garden to All of You!


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  2. I feel exhausted just reading your list! I have only made 2 resolutions, so I hope I can stick to these, plant up all the poor plants still sitting in their pots and to take more time to just sit and enjoy the garden, very important!

  3. Absolutely! I guess my 'walkabouts' are about the same thing. We really do need to stop and smell the roses. Oh, and deadhead that one over there and pull that grass under that one and nip off that broken stem....arrrgghhh, it's starting already!!!!

    Seriously, you are so right and I'll try to join you.

  4. This is the most charming (and comprehensive) post!! Your blog is a treasure!