Tuesday, June 12, 2012


It's a purple purple, Purely purple, Purple Day Today!

Went for a short walkabout in the garden this morning (after a night of very welcome rain) and was surprised at how many purple things were in bloom. I remembered going through a purple phase many years ago, and with a smile and pang for my youthful self, realized that I still like purple.

A pale pale purple Veronica.

A soft slate-purple Amsonia.    

Perky purple Fairy Bells poking up around the Irises.

A Clematis echoing the colour of the Fairy Bells.
Irises (how did I end up with so many Irises?),


Lupines, all in shades of bluish purple.
The astonishing flowers of Alkanet, tiny but feisty.

Anemone lesseri. How can you not love this little face?

A tall Erodium,

The pinwheel flowers of a white Centaurea montana,
The simple perfection of a tiny Johnny-jump-up.
A speckled 'fall' on a Japanese Roof Iris, with an, ahem, pollinator.

And the final word in purple, the very definition of the colour purple, a Siberian Iris petal.

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