Wednesday, October 3, 2012

United Colours of Autumn

The foliage colours this year are just amazing! These are the trees at the entrance to my Sampler garden. The Maples just glow against the background of still-green birches and oaks.

At the base of the Rock Garden one Maple is particularly red:

I always like the fall colours best when there is still a lot of green to set off the yellows and reds. I did quite a bit of driving around today, doing chores, and everywhere the trees were magnificent. This is still a farming area, so the country is a patchwork of corn and soybean fields, pastures and woods. Many of the trees are still green, making the yellow, orange and red ones really stand out.

 It occurred to me, looking across a rust-red soybean field to a line of yellow and orange maples, that this is the true Canadian Mosaic!

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  1. Wow! I really love the shades. It really looks pretty. That is really lovely. Thanks a lot for the wonderful share. Gorgeous!

    Mitchel @ camping trailer