Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Winter Song

Heard the Chickadee's winter song today.

To me this is always one of the first and most welcome signs of, if not spring itself, then at least the possibility of spring. When you hear it you know the days have started getting longer, young men's fancies will soon be will eventually be spring. Never mind that the snow lies deep and the driveway is a sheet of ice, it will eventually be spring.

In that mood, I looked around the house for more spring. My windowsills, such as they are, are full to overflowing with houseplants. And yes, there were some blooms! One of the orchids, a Cattleya of some sort, had one gorgeous flower.

Working with it to make a photograph which would do justice to the softness of the frilly lip, I was also treated to its sweet fragrance.

Another lovely bloom was the small blue hyacinth I had purchased a week or so ago. I hadn't really noticed it, having tucked it behind a rather rambunctious Geranium, but I found it. It's fragrance would have given away it's location if I hadn't spotted the blue!

Perhaps a bit of a cheat, purchasing a plant like that, but all's fair in love and gardening!

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