Thursday, March 20, 2014

Ah, Spring....

Rumour has it that it is the first day of Spring today. Well. Right now it is snowing, large white flakes drifting down and then swirling in an impish wind. Kip and I went out to get the newspaper, and we both kept our fur tightly on.

But actually, when I look around, I do see a few encouraging signs.

The rail fence now has two or three rails showing above the snow. At least in places. That's a big improvement over Monday.

I looked up, far up, at the buds on the Sugar Maple. Usually they are one of the first signs that the warm seasons are approaching. And yes, with a bit of imagination, I think maybe they are a little fatter and redder than a few days ago. Maybe.

Pepper stuck her nose outside for a minute. Then she shook her paw and gave a little cat snort and retreated, but she did look.

There was a Ladybird motoring across my office window a little while ago. Something stirring in its blood.

The Red-stemmed Dogwoods beside the Marsh are a little redder than they were.

The buds on the Balsam Poplars are shiny and sticky.

Ah, Spring....