Thursday, May 11, 2017

Plant Sale News

Good news and bad news.

The bad news, not that it's so very bad, is that I have postponed my Wildflowers Day plant sale. It has been so cold this Spring that the plants in the pots are only now blinking and yawning and thinking about getting out of bed. For example, my Goldenrods are about 1" high... hopefully by May 28th the things in pots should be ready for the new season.

I will have a selection of native plants, many of them good for pollinators, and a limited number of Trilliums, both White and Red. Hours are 10am to 4pm, address is 6114 Carp Road. Contact me (see the left sidebar) if you have something specific you are looking for or have a question. Hope to see you!

The good news is, actually there are two pieces of good news. One, I am getting a new puppy! Her name is Elphin Rosie and she's a Border Collie. She'll be coming home the first week in June. She's mostly black, with a white stripe on her face, one white-tipped ear, a white-tipped tail and 4 white paws. She's totally adorable and I'm totally excited! Her main job will be Friendly Greetings, so if you come to visit you will see how talented she is at that!

Second piece of good news is, my Double Bloodroot is blooming. I bought this plant some years ago, but due to good management on my part, it first dwindled and then nearly disappeared and then gave it one last effort and succeeded!
It's blooming a bit later than the singles and I understand the flower will last a bit longer. Most Bloodroots bloom for about 15 minutes, so that is good news too!


  1. The bloodroot is lovely.I'm sure your puppy is adorable and border collies are better at staying home than a lot of dogs.My daughter has a half-border collie. She can be a rascal but she is friendly and smart. I hope you post a picture of Rosie when she comes home.

  2. Thanks, Jenny. Of course I'll post pictures of Rosie! In fact I'll probably overdo it and you'll get sick of them! Bwahhhaha....