Sunday, January 21, 2018

A Snowy Day

If you go down to the woods today...
woods in snow

You're in for a big surprise...

Actually, no, you're not, but you might find some interesting stuff just the same. Seed heads, mosses, bark... if you look closely you can find all kinds of things.

Maybe even a small dog sitting in the snow looking bemused:

If we gardeners are surprised at how different our gardens look in the snow, think of how it must be for a dog!


  1. That looks like one happy puppy! Today with the freezing rain/rain we have puddles on the snow in our bush. It will be very crusty and icy when it all freezes. But winter is beautiful, too, and a good time to catch our breath.

  2. Hi Jenny, so nice to hear from you! It's very icy here now, even in the woods. Rosie slipped and slid and at one point in our walk she slid all the way down a slope almost into the marsh. She took it very calmly! You take care walking, please.