Friday, July 19, 2013


An early morning walkabout in the wet garden. Some of the wet is rain because we did get a shower last night, but the rest is dew. I'm in my pj's. You can do that when you live in the woods.

The wild area behind the Studio, which I haven't gotten to at all yet this summer, draws me.

Brushing through the wet grasses and weeds hanging over the path, I go and take a look.

 A bright orange-red lily catches my eye. It is well over three feet tall, and looks wonderful in among the grasses. The grass is (I think) Calamagrostis acutiflora 'Karl Foerster', or at least that was its name when I got it, don't know what it is now, and it is my favourite ornamental grass. Actually, favourite grass of any kind. It is always different, but always beautiful and always graceful.

The lily must be that free bulb some company gave me. I just stuck it in when I was planting grasses and forgot about it.


Not far away I see a Mullein which doesn't look quite like the usual wild one, nor does it look like the two ornamental ones I have around here somewhere . The leaves are narrower than the wild one and the flowers are much better. A closer look shows me that the stalk is also branched.

Must be a hybrid that seeded itself. I can never understand the British gardeners' enthusiasm for Mulleins, but this is sort of interesting......


Good grief. What's this at the edge where I have been digging up rocks and starting a place for Goldenrods? I had potatoes there last year..... got a good crop in spite of the drought, thank you.

Right. Potato plants. Lots of them.

Must have missed a few last year!


In among the grasses I see some soft blue flowers.

I have Tradescantia ohioensis in several places in the garden. I like the large deep blue flowers which open one a day like daylilies, and the oddball foliage.

But this one is a very soft mauvy-blue, quite different. Another seedling, no doubt.


The yuccas in the corner are gorgeous. Huge. The stalks are taller than I am. Don't know what species it is, but I can tell you who gave it to me, so it is Sheila's yucca.

Guess I forgot to cut a seed stalk last fall.


The flowers are gorgeous too, especially with the dew on them.

Something is catching my ankles, and not just my wet pj bottoms. Look down. Oops, the invasive plant bell is going off, ding, ding, ding.....

What the heck, even Bindweed is beautiful this morning.


OK, that's pretty funny. The Daylily root I tossed on the compost pile turns out to be the rust-red one I like. The one I kept and planted is blah yellow....


Some years ago I got a package of seeds of Rudbeckia hirta, Black-eyed Susan, which were supposed to include double flowers. Of course, lots of plants, lots of flowers, but nary a double to be seen.

Now here's one.


And here's a Delphinium, at least it looks like one. Many of them, but every stem has only a few flowers. The colour is that indescribable Delphinium blue....

Wait, I did toss some old seeds here, of  what was supposed to be a short, sturdy, and perennial Larkspur.


My pj's are soaked, the bottom half from the wet grasses and such, and the top from the perspiration that I suddenly realize is rolling down my back. It is only 7am, but it is already over 30C.

Looks like I had better plan to work indoors today. I do have something fairly important to do on the computer, so now I have no excuse not to work on it.... except that I seem to writing a blog entry instead....


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