Thursday, June 3, 2021

A Little Bit Of Rain

 It finally rained a bit this morning. Not much, just enough to dust things off a bit, but better than nothing. I was up early and the morning light on the wet flowers was wonderful, so cool, so refreshing.

A lovely, damp, Aquilegia canadensis flower with a small bite taken out of one petal!

Hesperis matrionalis, Dame's Rocket, white form. I love all white flowers. There is something tender and endearing about them.
A medium blue Siberian Iris. This clump has done well for me, in spite of being at the top of my very dry Hillside Garden. At least a hundred flowers this year.
The Pin Cherry tree that hangs over the end of the Hillside Garden is full of tiny green pin cherries, each one with a drop of rain hanging from it. The birds love the pin cherries. They make a fine jam, but it's so much work I'm glad to let the birds have them!
Poppies bending in the rain.
Rosa glauca, the flower arranger's dream foliage, has small but appealing bright pink flowers.

And my spade, which I seem to have left out last night, provided proof that we had had at least some rain!

More, please!


  1. I haven't heard of pin cherries before ! I had to Google it and wow, they are so pretty ! Rain has been scarce here too .. but we had one day that came to an inch and a half at least .. however the wind whips it away like a wick. This is going to be a long dry hot summer I think. Those poppies are so pretty .. I have no luck with them .. seeds and I just don't get along ? LOL

    1. Yes, Pin Cherries are lovely in bloom! The trees never get very large, though. I also have Black Cherry trees in the woods and they get much larger, but the blooms are so high up I never see them. The poppies are easy - I let them seed themselves. There are never a huge number and they are easy to pull if I don't like where they put themselves. They bloom all summer. I'll send you some seeds later if you want some.